The future scenarios of the political, social, cultural and economic sectors will depend on the contributions of the students of our schools today. More than ever before, education must be visionary and future-oriented, in the face of stunning scientific and technological innovations and changes, unprecedented socio-economic challenges and opportunities, surprising socio-political reforms, and amazing cultural reawakening.

In rethinking education to cope with rapid changes at the threshold of the twenty-first century, innovation, technology, and research are indispensable tools of education. Failure to innovate by and large means repeating yesterday’s educational programmes and strategies tomorrow, which will only further jeopardize education’s reputation as contributor to development efforts. Educational innovations are imperative, and would no doubt be effective if they are research-based and imbued with technology of education (i.e. systematic approach to the teaching-learning process); and technology in education (e.g. use of hardwares and softwares).


Olemisen Balanssia

To create social impact on Finnish and EU educational environments, Olemisen puts effort day by day through researching and upgrading itself .We undoubtedly believe in that, education is the most powerful tool in order to shape and craft the humanity ever than before.For this purpose we are involving in educational projects and delivering courses both upscaling and help transforming societies.