Today, as a result of the rapid changes in technology, there are differences between the learning materials used and the ones currently used. The first of these differences is the physical change of classes-schools and the following is the change in teacher and student roles.In the 21st century, the old used blackboard; has been replaced by smart boards and portable computers.

Through this course you will be dipping into;

*Theoretical background of technology integration in education

– Definition of Technology Integration in Education

– Components of Technology Integration in Education

– Technology Integration Models in Education

  1. Prezi for Educational Circumtances
  2. Cartoonized Story Creation Tools and Digital Game-Animation Tools
  3. Learning Management Systems (Moodle)
  4. Canva in Education

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*Each participant has to bring its own laptop. We are not providing either computers or tablets.


Once you complete the entire course and create your own learning materials by using Web2.0 tools, you will be able to get a certificate.

The competences gained during the course will be validated by the trainers/tutors on the Europass mobility.(pls reach us for more details)

Accommodation and meals

Pls bear in mind that all lodging requirments and meals are your own expenses.