At 9.00 have been visiting School in Vantaa, Helsinki area, Sotungin Koulu, It was a very good possibility for our guests to introduce them to the Finnish secondary and elementary school systems here in Finland. At the start, the school principal have been showing us a school with introducing information and classes, then we have been visited the Drama course lesson of Antto’s teacher, with interaction to the lessons process. He was always interacting with us during the lesson- asking the subjects of action, for example, was asked to answer what the performance just pupils try to show, the main subject of pantomime and etc. During the school visit, we had a great opportunity to visit many different classes. Have seen school equipment, study program syllabuses, sports classes, Finnish teaching for foreigner classes (integration programs for foreigners. The principal had told how the system works for foreign pupils, how they study Finnish as a foreign language, how they intend to the school system later, how Finnish teachers works, which subjects they are teaching, teachers work here in Finland, making syllabuses, pedagogical aspects. Then we had lunch with the principal and kids to introduce with finish food in Finish school and seat with kids and feel finish school life rhythm and basic routine Then everybody shift by transport to Espoo, the second suburban city of Helsinki area (Uusimaa) to the Aalto Design factory auditorium for the training and rest about 1,5 h teacher Esra (Turkish teacher of Drama) made the training of Drama with teachers.


At 9.30 all group went to Espoo Aalto Design Factory for the training. Teacher Esra prepared interesting and informative material for the Drama course where they could act to play and train. The course had coffee breaks and lunch breaks according to the timetable.

  • Tuesday


9.30 group was at Aalto in training, they had a coffee break and at 11.45 we start to trip to Finish school to the meeting, we had an appointment with Antto, Drama and finish a lesson and basic subject teacher. The meeting was from 13.00-15.30 During this meeting, the Turkish group had an opportunity to listen, lector, ask their own questions about the Finnish school education system, and discuss. Turkish group of teachers had prepared over 50 questions. The 3,5-hour meeting was very informative. The feedback on the delegation was very good. They really liked it, the Antto teacher was very wonderful and passionate to answer all the interesting questions. Was planning to go to Heureka, a science museum, but the group was tired after Tallinn and it was I guess also expensive.


Was a day free for the trip to Tallinn. Group was chosen by themselves go to this day to Tallinn. Esra teacher, also participate in this trip with all group she made some performance training in the old city of Tallinn, on Thursday everybody has seen it on screen in the class.


We had a final day of the course. It was a full day. 9.30 Aalto University Design Factory auditorium. Drama training with Esra teacher, coffee break, Diploma ceremony with a small gift. Speech of the teacher Esra, the speech of organizer, teachers, and listening feedback. Continue Drama course Short study day, they finish 13.30


Was a free day. Meeting in centrum. Group was visiting Suomenlinna, shopping malls, then we were seating in coffee place and sharing opinions about all trips and feedbacks