Digital social innovations (DSI) are often associated with positive meanings, like openness, collaboration or inclusion. DSI can thus be defined as novelties that use, develop, or rely on digital technologies to address social and/or environmental problems.
Digital technologies and the internet are particularly well suited to helping civic action, as they can mobilise large communities, facilitate resource-sharing and distribute power downwards.

As Olemisen we have open-resources in order to come up with solutions for your community challenges.

Digital Social Innovation should focus on initiatives which,
• Have a social impact;
• Adopt new technology trends in a novel way;
• Aim to empower citizens for individual and collective awareness;
• Demonstrate a clear network effect;
• Focus on supporting and working with grassroots or ‘bottom-up’ communities of users.

Some of the areas where Digital Social Innovation could deliver social impacts are;
• Digital Democracy
• Environment & Climate Change
• Health & Social Care
• Migration & Integration
• Skills & Learning
• Food

->Guide for Digital Social Innovators

->Practical Tools for Innovators

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