E-learning platform for up-skilling in fund-raising practice, financial digital literacy in NGO management

How to Fundraise


Qualified basic skills training

Updated curriculum for concrete skills like Numeracy, Oral communication, Critical thinking, Digital skills, literacy and Media literacy with adjusted content meeting the real needs.

Skills for Adults



Act for environment before it is gonna be too late!

Development of STEAM-Oriented kits for better transition to Eco-Smart Schools



Open data e-learning platform and digital tools for participatory decision making

Open Your Community



Young Digital Social Innovators

Empower Yourself!



Drives many of their schoolwide practices and policies, creating a welcoming, participatory, and caring climate for (active) learning.

Steam Up Your School

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Vegan Food

Do you want to involve our VegFest?

A research project for the Vegan Nutrition System

Coming Soon..

Olemisen Balanssia ry believes that empowering citizens and organizations will shape our future.We are creating our project-based works in line with the  principles of Development of  Qualified Pedagogical Skills, Decent IT Competences, Transparency and Accountability, Local Participation, Change for the Better, Lifelong Long Learning.

Defining Educational needs is an essential part of our work.To be prepared for today’s workforce, informed about important issues, and able to understand the complex world in which we live, all of us must have a solid education in science, mathematics, and technology. Therefore Olemisen pays special attention based on education. Some of the topics/projects that we have studied on;

*Researching and offering specialized digital curricula

*E-Learning Materials and Moodle-based learning and assessing platforms

*Social innovations, new social practices that aim to meet social needs in a better way than the existing solutions, resulting in – remote working, education, community development and more importantly eco-smart living solutions.

*Language Learning such as developing user-friendly language apps, interactive pdf’s

During these projects, we have special attention to involve citizens in particular activities as well as learning-teaching-training in order to make learning permanent.

Our motto is slow down the time and create an impact!