Data are stated to be the oil of the XXI century – corporations, States, companies, NGOs are longing to control extensive datasets to foresee how people react and behave as well as to improve businesses and make life easier for everyone. Concepts of privacy and public domain come across in this world discussion about the possibility of citizens to know and claim their own data.

In this sense, OpenMakers aims to shed light in terms of acquiring knowledge and competencies in open capacity among decision-makers, citizens, project managers,NGO leaders and community activists with regards to open data culture and open data operational skills and competences.Open data are all those data that are, broadly said, public, referring to the activities a State has. They are defined open as they can be freely accessed, used, modified and shared by anyone for any purpose – subject only, at most, to requirements to licenses.

The main actors in the production of open data are States, NGOs/companies and individuals. Certainly, given the role and the dimensions, States are predominant actors, so open data are public data – statistics, demographic data, forecasts, cadaster maps, etc. Open data are becoming more and more available, but the access to them and the understanding from citizens or NGOs/ companies is still very limited. And that is where OpenMakers project operates – making open data a topic that could be exploited and discussed in the different communities, organisations, professionals, municipalities to plan ahead the future, to make available datasets understandable, and above all to provide an educational approach that is much needed in Europe.

Open data training is the focus topic of OpenMakers to raise awareness on issues like transparency, data interpretation, public decision-making processes, accountability, the power that citizens hold to be the first engine of democratic systems.

In a nutshell, we, have developed Open Data Impact e-learning platform ->

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After registering portal, you can have the Open Data Impact learning by your own pace and then assess your learning outcomes, get your badge and download your certificate.

Written by Veli