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Some of the topics/projects that we have studied on

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Defining Educational needs is an essential part of our work.To be prepared for today’s workforce, informed about important issues, and able to understand the complex world in which we live, all of us must have a solid education in science, mathematics, and technology. Therefore Olemisen pays special attention based on school education and vocational education. Some of the topics/projects that we have studied on;

*Researching and offering specialized digital curricula

*E-Learning Materials and Moodle based learning and assessing platforms

*Language Learning such as developing user-friendly language apps, interactive pdf’s

*Researching and analysing reasons of early school dropouts and Preventing School-Based Bullying

*Improving teachers professional and personal skills


‘Innovation Focus’

Learning and innovation go hand in hand.

* Management of databases, My-SQL, process development

*Open Data, Data Mining

*Creative City Guidance app to promote Cultural Heritage

*Maker Movement

Innovation is the creation and transformation of new knowledge into new products, processes, or services. As such, innovation creates new businesses and is the fundamental source of growth in business and industry.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entrepreneurial Spirt isn’t something you are taught, it’s something you must develop within yourself!

Some of the projects we have been involved

“Step by Step to Opportunity”

“Youth work for life”

“Act lab – creative activism laboratory”

“U.R.BANKSY – Transforming urban realities”


Youth in Action

Olemisen Balanssia ry organizes educational, recreational and multicultural activities in the Southwest Finland area.

Organization invest in inter-cultural integration and exchange, complementing the basic services of society with the low threshold principle

Human/Youth rights are one of most important direction in the activity of Olemisen Balanssia ry. We do believe all people´s right to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice, and peace. Gender equality is such a basic human right. We are working for to solve the inequality between men and women. We are for full equality for women through education and litigation. OB ry focuses on a broad range of women’s rights issues, including economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination and women’s health and body image


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