Benchmarking is a process of measuring the performance and comparison of two or more things.When it comes to Educational Benchmarking we shall focus educational policies,curriculum-based learning environments and of course PISA and TIMMS results.Well, on this occasion, we could express that its time to explore Finnish Education system.Benchmarking courses are mainly focusing on;

  • School policy plans, PISA, curriculum changes
  • School Visit and Brainstorming with school staff.
  • How does the Finnish Education system organize teacher-in-service trainings?
  • PISA results, the new national strategy of lifelong learning and classroom of the Future.

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P.S: Due to Global Pandemic, Benchmarking and Finnish Educational Courses not available for further notice.Covid-19 situation has been hitting hard especially Education Systems.We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Once you complete the entire course, you will be able to get a certificate.

The competences gained during the course will be validated by the trainers/tutors on the Europass mobility.(pls reach us for more details)

Accommodation and meals

Pls bear in mind that all lodging requirements and meals are your own expenses.

*Each participant has to bring its own laptop. We are not providing either computers or tablets.