e-PATTERNS is a demanding and didactic project that enables SMNGO”s to equip with financial literacy practices and fundraising abilities. In the 21st century which IT technologies dominating our world, requires citizens, non-profit organizations, as well as business, should have a basic level of financial literacy.
e-Patterns Specific objectives are
– Train low-skilled adults and develop their competences in financial literacy/fund-raising through simplified ICT tools developing a Step-by-Step Educational Framework connected to Open Badges System (OBS) to be tested/complete through two specific training sessions during the project life time;
– Support local projects incubating them through fund-raising preparatory actions (or through crowdfunding, partnership building, budget planning etc.) during the project enhancing the impact of SNGOs;
– Create a web-platform hosting an interactive online step-by-step web tool to guide target group users in learn financial basics to make a fund-raise plan, where they can train/consult FAQ/orienteer better. Learning qualification will be issued through Open Badge System.
– Define/develop a self-assessment tool for digitisation of SNGOs in order to define areas of work and training patterns within organisations.

Curious enough to learn about Fundraising and Financial Literacy, take a look our website -> http://epatterns.eu/