In times of globalization, we are more interdependent to these extraordinary but dangerous tools called internet and social media. The easy accessibility to them nowadays comes associated to a non-controlled ambiance where a wide diversity of people can enter and share a huge range of opinions and ideologies. It is in this context where the hate phenomena raise as a result of different ways to understand life and, with this line of thoughts, the hurtful cyber violence appears as well. As reported by the EIGE, 1 out of 10 women in Europe have suffered some type of cyber violence.
Proje AMORE seek out solutions and transfer best practices (BP) for the recognition, prevention and confrontation of everyday sexism in adult women, as well as tools to prevent gender-based violence and social problems based on prejudices and stereotypes
In Verona/Italy partners worked on Task distribution and Deadlines. Besides, they also agreed on the Research report,LTT in Spain and how to manage reports.We also reviewed the working plan, timelines and commitments.
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